1st Phase : Period for Foundation(Establishment-1996)


The history of Geo Design dates back to 1995 starting with name of “Group Sang”, In 1996, Firm’s name changed to Geo Design. At that time, Geo Design was founded with only a few numbers of staff. Geo Design started its business with small commercial buildings or private residences, but gradually began to design extensive scale projects such as industrial facilities and government office buildings. Representative projects are Goyang police station, Research institute in Air force academy, Echeon sports complex, Jakyak marine park and Hanil general hospital.

2nd Phase : Period for Growth(1997-1996)


During this period, Geo Design moved its place of business to Yuksam, and its first take-off of design challenge was made. Geo Design carried out numbers of large projects in various fields such as public building, office building, etc, and began to have an aspect of a large design organization. Representative projects are KEPCO’s Research Institute, Changsung Gym., Wolsung nuclear power plant exhibition center, Sungdong administration headquarter, masterplan of KEDO residential site in North Korea, Korean embassy in Russia and Yechun Hot spring spa center.

3rd Phase : Period for Jump(2004~)


Moving to a new building in Nonhyundong, Geo’s 3rd Phase started. We are facing a new era of infinite competition. So we are making constant efforts to arrive at appropriate solutions which are aesthetically pleasing, pragmatically efficient works of architectural excellence and have invested in developing creativity and expertise to achieve up-to-date technology and design.

  • 1995. 10 Established Group Sang Architects/Engineers Associates.co., Inc.
  • 1997. 04 Moved place of business to Yeoksamdong
  • 1997. 04 Firm’s name changed to Geo Design Architects/Engineers Associates.co., Inc.
  • 1998. 11 Established Cycla co. ltd(subsidiary company)
  • 2000. 07 Moved place of business to Geo building Ⅰ
  • 2002. 03 Registered Engineering Activity Firm
  • 2004. 01 Moved place of business to Geo building Ⅱ
  • 2010. 03 Founded Research Institute
  • 2010. 11 Quality management ISO 9001 certification
  • 2012. 03 Merged with Yegun Architects & Engineers