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Feasibility Study

By operating in-company Conceptual Design and Feasibility Study Team, Geo Design has specialty and knowhow to efficiently cope with rapidly changing society and laws.

Schematic Design

This is a phase to choose the site and establish a concrete architectural program. Deciding construction site and fixing concrete program should be based on evaluating values of the site through analysis of its physical, social, and economic situation and planning land use program and design direction through feasibility study and code analysis.

Analysis & Code Compliances

This is a general planning phase that analyzes architectural volume, number of floors, building coverage, and occupied facilities allowed for the construction site with a review for client's requirements. This stage will be an important starting point of business with outcomes of general layout, unit floor layout, section concept, codes, and regulation checklist.

Feasibility Study

Main purpose is to establish rational strategies of the development through totally reviewing site condition, market situation, legal matters, building size, and approval procedures to ensure business feasibility for Client, debt repayment capability for Financial Institution, and investment return rates for Investors.

Urban/Master Planning

Through the years of experiences in urban and district planning, Geo Design has the knowhow of efficient land use and environmentally friendly development planning.

Master Plan

This is a plan for large scaled complexes or facilities in the site with wide scope. Usually, this kind of plan requires long-range strategy in layout planning and land use for future expansions or changes.

District Unit Plan

District Unit Plan is rationalizing land use and promoting environmentally friendly city by improving public facilities, buildings, and streets.

Urban Redevelop-
ment plan

This is a plan for improvement of urban district, buildings and public facilities to recover its disorder and functions from deterioration. Impacts expected through Urban Redevelopment are efficient land use, land price rises, functional recovery, refined view, improvement in public facilities and so on.

Architectural Design

Geo Design carries out architectural services based on thorough understanding of program, design competitiveness and technology from planning phase to construction phase.

Schematic Design

In Schematic Design phase projects' concept, scale, and relationship are defined. Also client's approval on general direction for building's function, size, shape, structure, and material is met with this stage. Geo Design, in this phase, makes project program clear, proposes design solution, and provides with fundamental data for project cost.

Design Development

In Design Development phase, issues raised in Schematic Design phase are solved, and basic system will be completed to reflect main concept into Construction Documentation phase. In this phase, basic Design Development documents including Architecture, Structure, Landscape, Civil Engineering, and Facility are prepared, and construction method and system are decided.

Construction Documen-

This is a stage all the drawings are actualized for construction. Construction Documents become a method delivering clients' intention regarding the construction to the constructor and a basis of construction terms and costs.

Elevation Differen-

Elevation Differentiation makes distinction among standardized building designs by re-designing elevation. Geo Design has accomplished elevation differentiation designs for Offices and Apartment buildings and obtained excellent results in raising the buildings' value and creating unique brand image.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design is a wide range of works which include outdoor space plan, complex plan, environmental plan. Harmonious communication with Architectural Design and Urban/Unit Design is required to fully include architectural concepts. Geo Design has its own Landscape Design team that enables complete Landscape Design work by fully communicating from an earlier design stage.


Interior Design is directly related to the life style and must be visually fine and functional. It does not only reflect architectural concept but also include living pattern of actual user. For completeness of interior design work, Geo Design has its own Interior Business Part and consider Client’ full requirements.

QC(Quality Control)

Quality Control is an evaluation stage for construction feasibility, cost efficiency, and consistency of Construction Documents by Construction Document checklist, and it aides maintaining and improving design quality for suitable construction for the site. Geo Design has in-company Quality Control Team and carries out such jobs reviewing Drawing, reviewing & selecting construction methods, preparing specifications, and managing construction site.


Supervision is a management and controlling whether constructor selects suitable materials according to the Construction Documents or constructs as in the Specifications. Also, Supervisor plans for contingencies to carry out construction work in accordance with the proper construction method.


Main purposes of Construction Management are to minimize risks, to improve quality, and to return maximum profits for all the participants. The agent of the client takes charge of managing construction quality and schedule partly or in full stages of Design, Order, and Construction.

Post Services

This process is Geo Design’s unique service area that periodically checks construction condition to maintain consistency of Design and Construction after the Design service In cases firms carrying out Design and Supervision are different, design standard can be deteriorated as design intention cannot be fully reflected in construction phases. However, by providing post services periodically, design quality can be maintained.

Clients’ Satisfaction Analysis

When Design phase is completed, quality of the Design and completeness of the Construction Documents are once more reviewed to see if the design meets owner’s requirements. When Construction phase is in process, adequacy of selected system such as mechanical and electrical systems is verified, and intended design by the owner will be compared with actual building. Based on all these processes, design quality and efficiency of system selection can be improved to meet Clients’ needs.

PM(Project Management)

This is a package deal of Planning, Designing, and Construction phases, Client cad be released from various contract processed, and Constructor can improve quality of works with easy communication.

VE(Value Engineeing)

Value Engineering in Architecture refers to all activities regarding the cost reduction and quality improvement through the phases from design to construction. It is very important to select proper programming and construction method in Design phase. Since Value Engineering in Design phase than in construction phase can be far more cost efficient, In this phase, Construction Documents are reviewed and optimal construction method are proposed and selected . Geo Design has in-company Quality Control Team that takes charge of reviewing Geo Design’s projects and inspecting design proposals from other firms.


Evaluation is a business maximizing real estate value of outworn buildings through remodeling or reconstruction. The essential point of Reconstruction or Remodeling is to create new space for increasing needs of modern life style and to expand residential area for apartment buildings and to improve value of building with modern design and finishing for Commercial or Office Buildings. Geo Design supports reconstruction process of apartment buildings through its in-company Housing Business Department as well as general Building remodeling.


In this stage, the economic value of the object is evaluated and shown as a money value. Geo Design has its own standard of economic value evaluation of buildings, sites, designs, and construction works and determines their compensation price.